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September 2014

StyleLight 2 News

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New firmware v1.9.0.0

Features – Volvo Cars

  • Added MY15 models: V40/V40CC S60/V60 V60 PLUGIN-HYBRID XC60 V70/XC70 S80
  • Disabled headlamp and windscreen washer on S60/V60, V70/XC70, XC60 and S80 (MY14-).
  • Removed “faulty ECU” messages in DIM (MY14-), except XC90.
  • Reduced number of DTC’s that was set during deactivation of StyleLight (MY14-), except XC90.
  • Changed engine water coolant temperature to 84° Celsius in DIM on S60/V60, V70/XC70, XC60 and S80 (MY14-).


See StyleLight 2 – User Guide for more information