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September 2016

10 YEARS anniversary up to 20% OFF !!!

By News

It has been 10 years since we launched our first StyleLight product.
The first StyleLight device was used at the launch of the Volvo S80 at Geneva Motor Show in 2006.

Since this date we have been a world leading company in embedded vehicle demonstration systems.
All details and functions that we invent are driven by the passion of creating a masterpiece.
We continuously look for new ways of demonstrating and marketing vehicles in the best and most enjoyable manner, not only for the visitor but also for the sale person.
We are at the moment developing new functions that will give the StyleLight a new dimension like nothing else.

We like to thank you all for the last 10 year and we are looking forward for the coming once!

To celebrate our 10th year anniversary we will have up to 20% off in our web shop and some new license options.
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