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November 2016

StyleLight 2 News – Volvo V90CC and loaded with new functions

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New firmware v2.16.11.1

Ride Height Adjustment for air suspension on XC90 II
With this new action the ride height can be adjusted relative to current height.
So if you like to rise the ride height on the front axle by 5 mm, just increase the value on the FRONT button and press APPLY.
The StyleLight will now calculate the requested height values and do a auto adjustment on the vehicle.
It’s also possible to do a normal ride height calibration by measuring the distance between wheel cap and wheel arc.


Power Off with DTC Clear on all Volvo models
To power off the Demo mode with a final vehicle DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) clear press and hold the Hazard button for 10 seconds.
After 10 seconds the StyleLight will start to power down the demo mode. The sequence is completed when the hazard lights start to flash.

Vehicle Locked Mode for XC90 II, S90, V90 & V90CC
If you need to lock the vehicle in demo mode, please press and hold the “Lock” button on the driver door for 10 seconds.
When the StyleLight enters Locked Mode it will activate the turn indicator lights and wait for the vehicle to be locked with the remote control.
As soon as the vehicle is armed and the double locks in doors are activated the turn indicators will be turned off to indicate completion of Locked Mode.
If the vehicle is disarmed the StyleLight automatically return to normal demo mode. This will also happens if the vehicle is not locked within
40 second after activation Locked Mode.

Driver Alert Message Demo on XC90 II, S90, V90 & V90CC
A new action is added to show the customer how it looks like when the vehicle is informing the driver about taking a break.
This action is activated thru the web interface.

Full list of features:
Volvo Cars

  • Added support for all new V90CC
  • Added “Ride Height Adjustment” Action for XC90II.
  • Added “Driver Alert Message” Action for XC90II, S90, V90 & V90CC.
  • Added “Power Off” Action with DTC clear on:
  • Updated “Vehicle Locked Mode” for XC90II, S90, V90 & V90CC.
  • Updated “Air Suspension” Option to be temporary and not permanent
    setting in vehicle.
  • Automatic “Vehicle Message Clear” on XC90II.
  • Fixed fold mirrors problem on XC90II, S90, V90 & V90CC.
  • Added “Head Up Display Demo Image” as a Vehicle Option

If your device doesn’t have a upgrade license or if it have expired, go to our web shop for purchase of GOLD license.

See StyleLight 2 for more information.