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February 2017

StyleLight 2 News – Fresh Cabin & Manual Time

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New firmware v2.17.2.2

We are continuing our work as world leader in embedded vehicle demo systems.
The Geneva International Motor Show 2017 is opening the doors in a few weeks and race display will be on site with products.
We are also working on an exciting project that will be released in a couple of month.

List of new features:


  • Updated web interface and layout

Volvo Cars

  • Updated timer function with manual system time setting.
  • Added “HUD Demo Mode” as vehicle options for XC90II & S90/V90/V90CC.
  • Added “Ride Height Adjustment” Action for S90/V90/V90CC.
  • Added “Ride Height Demo” for XC90II & S90/V90/V90CC.
  • Improved cabin climate for XC90II & S90/V90/V90CC.
  • Added automatic “Vehicle Message Clear” for S90/V90/V90CC.



If your device doesn’t have a upgrade license or if it have expired, go to our web shop for purchase of GOLD license.

See StyleLight 2 for more information.