StyleLight News – New Dealer Sales Tool the “Vehicle Statistics”

By 2017-03-21 News

It’s finally here, the latest feature in our StyleLight 2 products, we are happy to announce the new function – “Vehicle Statistics”

The vehicle statistics function is aimed to give both dealers and market companies more information and understanding of what vehicle models that are of interest for the visitors and customers.

With this function, you can easily see what vehicle models that are most visited and which areas are hot zones of the car in the visitor perspective.

It also generates data that show you for how long the visitor is spending time in the car when it’s on display.

The current release generates the following Vehicle Statistics charts:

  • Device Status
  • Demo Time
  • Vehicle Access (Hot zones)
  • Duration (The duration of a visitor in the vehicle driver seat)
  • Position (The position of the driver seat)

These functions can be used to understand the market and optimizing the presentation of the cars to increase the visits and sale of the different models.

The new functions are located under the “Device Portal”. Which is visible in the menu at as soon as you have logged in to the site.


The Device Portal also gives you a great overview of the devices you have added to your account and the status of each. It gives you an easy access to purchase device License whenever it’s needed.

The new Vehicle Statistics function is included for devices that have a valid GOLD License.

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If your device doesn’t have a GOLD License or if it has expired, please go to our web shop for purchase of GOLD license.

See StyleLight 2 for more information.