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November 2018

StyleLight News – ‘End-of-Life’ – SALE 50%

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The StyleLight 2 have come to an “End-of-Life” stage and will not be supported after 2019-12-31

With this announcement the StyleLight 2 is now on SALE with up to 50% OFF the list price!

The StyleLight 2 come to a price of only 2 495,00 SEK 4 995,00 SEK

This is a great opportunity to purchase a professional demo tool to your Volvo showroom and put new cars on display as Christmas holidays are closing in. A car in demo setup not just looks more attractive it also enhances the customer experience in your showroom.

Soo hurry up and place you your order before the StyleLight 2 runs out of stock!

The StyleLight 2 comes always loaded with the latest version and if you place an order now you will also get an exclusive StyleLight key ring (see below) for Free.
This key ring is perfect to attach to the vehicle key, then you can easily see if the car have a StyleLight inside…

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