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October 2021

Same brand, same passion, new name – Hagardzon R&D AB

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We have changed our name. After 16 years with race display by Hagardzon AB we are now Hagardzon R&D AB.

This means no change in our business since we will continue to work with what we have done before, such as product and software development, project management, business development and motorsport.

We find the name Hagardzon R&D AB more clearly shows our breadth and expertise that we have developed over the years.

New LIGHTNING F1 firmware

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BYD = Build Your Dreams. That’s what we are doing every day in our development studio.
We have now released our latest LIGHTNING auxiliary firmware that have full support of the new all electric BYD Tang. With this version you can safely drive your hightech electric SUV at night without dazzling oncoming cars with your favorite auxiliary lights.