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February 2022

Rescue Vehicle Control

By News

We are proud to present our latest product the LIGHTNING XCU8030-F7, first fully plug-n-play vehicle CAN-bus integrated rescue and emergency system.

We developed the LIGHTNING XCU8030-F7 in collaboration with RESCYOU AB to fulfil all specifications needed for their rescue and emergency vehicles.

The LIGHTNING XCU8030-F7 is an advanced rescue control system integrated with the vehicle communication network. This makes the rescue control system smaller, lighter and more versatile than ever. The LIGHTNING XCU8030-F7 consist of a control unit with or without a switch panel.

First out to run the LIGHTNING XCU8030-F7 is the Danish National Police force which will using it on there all new Ducati Motor Holding Multistrada V4S MY22 motorcycles.

–Main features–
Supported Vehicles – MULTISTRADA V4S MY21-, (BMW R1250GS – in development)
Run lock
Speed pulse output
Vehicle High beam control
Vehicle Indicators control
Blue lights control
Remote Control of Blue lights
Siren control – With Standby AB MP5 Solo/Duo
Blue- & High beam pattern – Steady burn, Single/Double/Triple burst, 1/2/5 Hz flash, WigWag
Indicator Flash pattern – WigWag
Operating voltage – 9–30V
Over-current protection – 24A
Protection class – IP6K8
Standby current – 30uA
Current consumption – 250mA with panel
Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Polarity protection