Hagardzon R&D AB design and manufacture exclusive electronic systems for the automotive industry.

Our strength is to assembly the latest technology with a high functionality that is wrapped in a nice design.
We also have an expertise in business development, mainly in areas concerning IT and business processes.

In October 2021 we changed our name. After 16 years with race display by Hagardzon AB we became Hagardzon R&D AB. This means no change in our business since we will continue to work with what we have done before, such as product and software development, project management, business development and motorsport. We find the name Hagardzon R&D AB more clearly shows our breadth and expertise that we have developed over the years.

Here is a selection of projects we have done:

  • IT project manager (Västra Götalandsregionen)
  • Dynamic lightbar system
  • Rescue vehicle controler
  • Change manager and Project manager (SGS Studentbostäder)
  • Pre Study: Project Management 2.0 (WSP)
  • PayLoad
  • Lightning FX
  • IT Forensic (Polestar)
  • DEX (RMI data extraction for Volvo Cars)
  • VIDA (Diagnostic client system for Volvo Cars)
  • VIDA-SPA (Diagnostic client system for Volvo Cars)
  • TechTool 2 (Diagnostic client system for Volvo Trucks)
  • StyleLight 1
  • StyleLight 2
  • Volvo V40 Remote demo car to Volvo Cars Brand Experience Center
  • Volvo V70 Remote demo car to Volvo Cars Brand Experience Center
  • Volvo XC60 Demo car to Volvo Ocean race tour
  • Volvo S80 Demo car to Volvo Cars Russia