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Vi på Hagardzon R&D AB kan nu erbjuda effektmätning av kartingmotorer.

I vår lokal i Kungälv finns vår bromsbänk från holländska Roteg Racing. Bänken är utrustad med temperaturkontroll, lambdasond, knacksensor, avgastemperatursensor samt klimatstation.

Vi erbjuder uppmätning av era motorer och förgasare. Ni får ett utskrivet protokoll som visar testets resultat med information som exempelvis effekt, moment, temperatur och lambda.

För att boka tid för test av din motor maila oss på eller smsa Henrik på 0707-811 377.


New Rescue Vehicle Control firmware

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We have now released our latest LIGHTNING XCU8030-F7 firmware that has support of the BMW R 1300 GS MY24-.

The system is used on the motorcycles of the Norwegian police.

The LIGHTNING XCU8030-F7 is an advanced rescue control system integrated with the vehicle communication network. This makes the rescue control system smaller, lighter and more versatile than ever.

The LIGHTNING XCU8030-F7 already supports the following models:
BMW R1200GS MY18-
BMW R1250GS MY20-

Rescue Vehicle Control

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We are proud to present our latest product the LIGHTNING XCU8030-F7, first fully plug-n-play vehicle CAN-bus integrated rescue and emergency system.

We developed the LIGHTNING XCU8030-F7 in collaboration with RESCYOU AB to fulfil all specifications needed for their rescue and emergency vehicles.

The LIGHTNING XCU8030-F7 is an advanced rescue control system integrated with the vehicle communication network. This makes the rescue control system smaller, lighter and more versatile than ever. The LIGHTNING XCU8030-F7 consist of a control unit with or without a switch panel.

First out to run the LIGHTNING XCU8030-F7 is the Danish National Police force which will using it on there all new Ducati Motor Holding Multistrada V4S MY22 motorcycles.

–Main features–
Supported Vehicles – MULTISTRADA V4S MY21-, (BMW R1250GS – in development)
Run lock
Speed pulse output
Vehicle High beam control
Vehicle Indicators control
Blue lights control
Remote Control of Blue lights
Siren control – With Standby AB MP5 Solo/Duo
Blue- & High beam pattern – Steady burn, Single/Double/Triple burst, 1/2/5 Hz flash, WigWag
Indicator Flash pattern – WigWag
Operating voltage – 9–30V
Over-current protection – 24A
Protection class – IP6K8
Standby current – 30uA
Current consumption – 250mA with panel
Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Polarity protection

Volvo FH Adaptive High-beam support

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We do what we can to make traffic a bit safer by developing advanced control system for auxiliary lighting.
Did you know that Lightning supports the new Volvo FH with adaptive high-beam?
Our system takes care of detecting oncoming traffic and turns off the auxiliary light so driver can focus on driving.

LIGHTNING FX | Hagardzon

Same brand, same passion, new name – Hagardzon R&D AB

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We have changed our name. After 16 years with race display by Hagardzon AB we are now Hagardzon R&D AB.

This means no change in our business since we will continue to work with what we have done before, such as product and software development, project management, business development and motorsport.

We find the name Hagardzon R&D AB more clearly shows our breadth and expertise that we have developed over the years.

New LIGHTNING F1 firmware

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BYD = Build Your Dreams. That’s what we are doing every day in our development studio.
We have now released our latest LIGHTNING auxiliary firmware that have full support of the new all electric BYD Tang. With this version you can safely drive your hightech electric SUV at night without dazzling oncoming cars with your favorite auxiliary lights.

Electric gokarts

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In addition to product and software development we also do work on gokarts.
Some of the work is to do maintenance and optimization on electric gokarts like the one Gokartcentralen is running.
All of Gokartcentralen’s gokarts is powered by electricity and we have now contributed so that they can be used in more races.

Latest version of LIGHTNING F1

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Have you seen our latest version, v21, of our LIGHTNING F1 auxiliary light control software? The XCU2030 (CANKEY) supports both automatic high beam and DRL or Reverse light output. One device, multiple light signals without any cutting or soldering on original vehicle wirings. Except this the v21 is packed with even more support of vehicles, like the new Volkswagen Caddy, Isuzu D-Max or BMW X3 and more.

P.S did you know that our system autodetects which vehicle it is installed in? No configuration is needed.

Vehicle support list:

Launching the Freight Handling System PayLoad

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We are now launching our Freight Handling System – PayLoad.

It is web based so that you can run your business in the truck, at home or at the office.

In this project we chose to analyze and scan the ways to handle the different transport types, for example trailer and mixed cargo, in a new digital point of view.

PayLoad contains several smart and easy to use solutions to improve this process.

The application handles orders from attaching the trailer, to loading and unloading along the road and also temperature in a refrigerated transport. This is presented in a friendly graphic interface.

PayLoad also compile cost and income to generate reports that can be used as an invoice documentation to your customers.

No binding period or fixed cost per month, end whenever you want.

More bike helmets

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race display has made four more bike helmets. Some of them are shown at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and Geneva International Motor Show in March.


StyleLight 2

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race display is proud to present their latest product “StyleLight 2″.
This is the second generation of the successful StyleLight.

It includes the latest technology in vehicle display solutions.
Some of the features are:
* Standalone mode (plug and play)
* Wi-Fi communication
* Web-based vehicle configuration
* In-field update

StyleLight 2 is used at the current LA Auto Show 2013.
Thanks Jonas Hultman for the photo.


Volvo Trucks

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A+A hade a vision of making the revel of the new Volvo Trucks more exciting with making the trucks internal and external lights a part of the show.
No problem for race display!
We developed (StyleLight 2P) a product that made it possible to control all the truck lights from the light board over DMX.
What a show!

~ race display ~
visualize perfection


Geneva Motor Show

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race display is proud to present that “StyleLight” is used on all Volvo cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2013.