Lightning (3)

I have connected Lightning but I’m not able to activate the auxiliary light

At first, make sure that the green LED at Lightning is on.
If not, make sure that the power is connected and that the fuse is ok.

A red LED flashes at Lightning

When a red LED flashes at Lightning there is no CAN connection.

Make sure that the CAN connection is correct. Also check that the polarity is correct attached (CAN-H and CAN-L). You will find that information in in our Vehicle Models list at LIGHTNING FX | race display.

If using Lightning XCU2030, make sure that the pads are correct attached.

A yellow LED flashes at Lightning

When a yellow LED flashes at Lightning there is a problem with detecting the vehicle model.

At first, make sure Lightning supports the vehicle model. You will find the information in our Vehicle Models list at LIGHTNING FX | race display.
Then check if Lightning is connected to the correct CAN cables.


StyleLight (12)

Some of the indication signs in DIM is activated and deactivated after StyleLight 2 has been used

There is a bug on some of the DIM units that cause this problem.
There are three workarounds to this problem:

  1. Do a complete reset of the vehicle by pulling the battery power (+) for a couple of seconds and then connect the power again.
  2. Do a complete reset of the vehicle by connecting the StyleLight 2 to the OBD2 outlet and wait until the interior light make a flash and then immediately disconnect the StyleLight device.
  3. Lock the vehicle and wait until it goes to sleep, after about 20min.

Some of the ECU’s have stored new DTC’s after use of the StyleLight 2

This is normal. Always clear vehicle DTC’s before using the vehicle.

Is it possible to upgrade our StyleLight 2?

Yes, if the device has a valid GOLD or TITANIUM license.

How do we upgrade the StyleLight 2?

Either over USB or by login to the StyleLight 2 unit over Wi-Fi connection.

Can I see the StyleLight 2 on the Wi-Fi network?

Yes, when the status LED is flashing one red or one green indication each cycle it’s broadcast itself by SSID = StyleLight2_XXXXXX where XXXXXX is the serial number of the device.

How can I connect to my StyleLight 2 device over Wi-Fi?

Locate the StyleLight and make a connection to it over Wi-Fi. When device is connected open an internet browser and enter the device IP (default is in address field. Now you should see the login screen.

When I connect the StyleLight 2 to the vehicle nothing happens, the red LED is flashing one time per cycle

The StyleLight couldn’t detect the profile of the vehicle.

This could either be that there is a bad connection between the device and vehicle or the vehicle profile is missing.
It is possible to manually set a vehicle profile by login to the StyleLight over Wi-Fi. To set the profile manually the “standalone” mode must first be unchecked under OPTIONS page. Then a custom profile could be set under PROFILE page.

What it the difference between the license options?

  • GOLD is for firmware upgrade
  • CARBON is for technical support
  • TITANIUM is both GOLD and CARBON.

I get an warning message about steering lock failure in instrument cluster

Try to release steering lock with vehicle key before connecting StyleLight and then try again with connecting StyleLight.

How do I upgrade my StyleLight device?

To upgrade your device you need to install the “StyleLight Studio” software and have a valid device license.

Go to Download section and download the “StyleLight Studio” software and install it. When the installation is completed, start the application and connect the StyleLight device via USB cable. The device will be synchronized. If the device has a valid license the upgrade process will start if there is a newer firmware available.


We get “Power supply voltage to low” error message in StyleLight Studio

If the internal voltage inside the StyleLight is to low when performing an upgrade this message is showed.

Try to switch USB port on the PC or if a USB hub is used try to connect StyleLight direct to the PC.
It could also be a problem with the USB cable. Try with another USB mini cable.

You could also try with powering the StyleLight from the OBD connector.
To do this first connect the StyleLight to the PC with USB cable and then connect it to the vehicle. After this run the upgrade process again.

I can’t start StyleLight Studio, what to do?

Please uninstall StyleLight Studio and run installation once again from Download page.