PayLoad is a smart, flexible and easy to use freight handling system adapted for different transportation types for example trailer or mixed cargo. It is completely online based for computer and mobile devices.

There is no binding period or cost per month. You only pay for completed orders. That is, if the vehicles stand still and no orders are registerd, there will be no cost.

How it works:
– An order and any jobs along the way is registerd, for example load or unload.
– The application calculate the distance and time required and presents the price for the customer and the cost in terms of wage cost.
– It is easy to monitor the orders with different status indicators and also that the driver can change the status of a job, for example ready or if an incident occurs that will result in wait.

The client can also follow the order to see how the transport continues.


With PayLoad you can easily create invoice data and compliations how much the vehicles contributes to profitability. PayLoad also contains registry for trucks, trailer and staff which you can connect to each order.

Reports Description
Invoice information A compliation of how much each customers should be invocied
Dispatch list An overwiev of the dispatch lists
Times Information of the vehicles driving time
Profitability An overwiev of profitability per route
Strap balance A compliation of the use of straps


Automatic calculation of distances based on trucks.


Online based and suitable for both computers and mobile decives.
No binding period or fixed cost per month.

Easy to use

Quick started.
Easy to add drivers, vehicles and orders.